One-Stop Solution for Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Austin can provide a one-stop solution for Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) manufacturing from antibody production to in-house toxin-linker CMC services and antibody bioconjugation for drug substance. This is supported by long-term chemical and biological experience. Capabilities also exist to provide cytotoxic fill-finish drug product manufacturing. For more information contact Austin Chemical. #manufacturing #chemical #experience

Austin to attend TechConnect World Innovation Expo

Austin Chemical is excited to attend TechConnect World Innovation Expo in Washington, DC on June 13-15, 2022. We are happy to discuss our technology and service offerings, logistic support, sourcing and procurement, and contractual distribution services. Please contact Austin Chemical if you would like to set an appointment. #innovation #technology #chemical #procurement #sourcing  

Cerbios named Top CMO of 2022

Austin Chemical is happy to announce Pharma Tech Outlook has named Cerbios as a Top CMO of 2022. Cerbios is a highly qualified CDMO engaged in the development and manufacturing of API’s, HPAPI’s, ADC’s, and Biologics. For more information on Cerbios’ capabilities please contact Austin Chemical.

Symeres announces the acquisition of Organix

Austin Chemical is a long-standing representative of Symeres, a leading European drug discovery Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). Symeres has recently announced the acquisition of Organix Inc., a US based specialized organic chemistry services provider with a focus on lipids. Please contact Austin Chemical for more information on Symeres…