Identification and reduction of chemical related risks begins at the supply chain. Before purchasing products, multiple decision routes are reviewed: geography, longevity of supply, strategic cost and timing, and general compliance. ACCI is able to inform your stakeholders regarding a responsible and robust source of materials.
As a reliable service extension, ACCI implements a balanced quality, timing, and pricing approach with global reach.

Austin Chemical has offered global strategic sourcing, logistics and warehouse-distribution services since 1976, contracted Sourcing and Procurement service programs since 1992, and chemical supply chain management consulting since 1996.

For a nominal fee, Austin will quickly identify your key product supply interruption risks and define the path forward to supply chain security.

  • Austin Chemical provides assurance of supply for key products requirements
  • We define alternate or contingency (emergency) supply strategies
  • We show you how to strengthen key supplier relationships
  • We identify “second tier” supply risks (supply risk to your suppliers)
  • We identify opportunities to improve procurement, inventory, warehousing, transportation, work flow, and logistics efficiency
  • We provide the resources required to execute risk abatement plans

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