ACCI’s Tail End Sourcing Support Program assists the needs of customers beyond their strategic spend. Sourcing tail end materials through ACCI reduces risk by supplying materials from our procurement professionals and increasing savings with the customer. ACCI acts as a supplier for materials promptly and efficiently with appropriate documentation. Tail spend complexity (inventory, operational time, payment systems) can be managed while supplying the needed materials to continue uninterrupted business.

Investigative Strategy and Results

Current Supplier Strategy

Austin Chemical negotiates with current approved products providers to achieve best price (competitive to current global market price levels) with purpose to avoid new supplier qualification costs.

New Supplier Strategy

Under customer direction, Austin Chemical negotiates the most favorable supply position (price and term). If it is determined that a more favorable supply option exists, we negotiate an extended supply term agreement (up to three years). The negotiated fixed or reduced price covers all cost through the qualification process resulting in an overall improved cost and supply position.

Validated Information

Austin Chemical pursues and provides in customer preferred format: updated pricing, current or new supplier specifications, SDS forms, and other relevant customer required information.


Expert sourcing, logistics, and regulatory support people within Austin Chemical. Our knowledge and experience achieves the best possible results for the customer.

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