What we do…

  • The source of the largest supply of non-Chinese Heparin Sodium.

  • Industry Pioneer of Contractual Sourcing & Procurement (1987) as an Asset Extension.

  • Austin Chemical is a cost effective asset extension to a Supplier’s global marketing strategy.

  • Austin Chemical is a cost effective sourcing solution supporting its Customer’s development and commercial sourcing needs (products and services (CRO, CDMO, CMO)).

  • Austin Chemical invests, develops, and maintains Global Partner relationships.

Mission Statement

To be at the forefront of emerging chemical technology for applications in the life science and fine chemical industries, and to be identified as the global leader of Sourcing and Procurement (S&P) services and products.


To advance the business of our suppliers and customers while progressing quality of life for all through their products.


  • A resource providing supply chain solutions
  • Continuity of supply through a global presence
  • Prioritize sustainability, safety, and regulatory concerns
  • Reliably deliver services and materials
  • Direct and timely communication


Austin Chemical Company, Inc. (ACCI) celebrates its fifth decade in business as a representative and partner company. Founded in 1976 as a Sales and Marketing company offering ingredients, raw materials, and intermediates to Life Sciences Companies; ACCI has grown substantially over the years to include PR&D, CDMO/CMO services, and technical solutions. We are additionally pleased to support Fine Chemical Companies focusing on, but not limited to, the C.A.S.E. marketplace.

ACCI representations have continually expanded; including companies based in Japan (1970s/1980s), Europe and China (1980s), and India (1990s). Austin Chemical formally began its partnering activities in 2012 (Netherlands, Switzerland, USA) creating a solid position in technical support services (PR&D) and products supply addressing customer developmental program needs.

ACCI was the first company to offer Sourcing and Procurement services (late 1980s) with its first contractual agreement as an asset extension beginning in 1992. We have expanded our services to include a “Tail End Sourcing Support Program” (2018) which addresses specific customer commercial needs often not routinely addressed due to direct purchasing personnel priority programs.

ACCI’s fee-based Market Investigation Program was introduced in 2008 and supports both customer and supplier needs. A subset of additional offerings resulted soon thereafter: Supply Chain Risk Analysis, Due Diligence, and Confidential Sourcing.

ACCI has created flexible customer programs that address both short and long term USA based warehousing needs. We also support Supplier Contractual Distribution activities and requirements.

ACCI has an active Logistics program assisting the global movement of products on behalf of customers and suppliers.

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