Formosa CMO services for API’s

Austin Chemical is a representative of Formosa, a global leader in CMO services for API’s. Formosa has recently announced their injectable plant’s cytotoxic line passed TFDA GMP Inspection by the Taiwan FDA. Please contact Austin Chemical for more information on cytotoxic injectables and Formosa Labs. #chemical #TFDA

Austin Collaborates with ENDECE on NDC-1308

Austin Chemical continues to promote and assist in the development of life saving medications by connecting companies world-wide. As a company, we are pleased to announce a collaboration with ENDECE and their product (NDC-1308). This API has a demonstrated demyelination effect and is available for licensing. Please contact Ethan Li ( for additional information.

Austin is now a Representative of Enzymaster

Austin Chemical is proud to announce that we are a representative of Enzymaster. Enzymaster specializes in the development and commercialization of enzymes for innovative and sustainable production of API intermediates, fine chemicals, and consumer good sections. Please reach out to understand how Enzymaster can contribute to your greener and safer manufacturing process by applying enzymes.…

Long-standing Fluence Analytics Representative

Austin Chemical is a long-standing representative of Fluence Analytics, a global leader in continuous polymer and biopharma analytics and process optimization. Fluence has recently announced a circular economy initiative anchored by a phased depolymerization research project. Please contact Austin Chemical for more information on depolymerization and Fluence Analytics’ services.

Colored Dye Offerings

Austin Chemical is currently promoting our color offerings. We have access to in-depth expertise for organic chemistry research with a focus in custom synthesis, research and analytical services. Areas of support include but are not limited to; dichroic dyes for optical displays and “smart” applications, special effect dyes for security, custom synthesized fluorescent dyes for…

One-Stop Solution for Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Austin can provide a one-stop solution for Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) manufacturing from antibody production to in-house toxin-linker CMC services and antibody bioconjugation for drug substance. This is supported by long-term chemical and biological experience. Capabilities also exist to provide cytotoxic fill-finish drug product manufacturing. For more information contact Austin Chemical. #manufacturing #chemical #experience