1,3-Dimethyl-2-Imidazolidinone [CAS: 80-73-9]

Austin Chemical is very pleased to offer DMI as produced by Mitsui Chemicals.

Appearance:  Colorless liquid

Color [APHA]:  10 max

Purity [GC%]:  99.0% min.

Refractive Index n D25:  1.468-1.473

Moisture [Wt%]:  0.05 max.

DMI, as a non-proton polar solvent, has excellent solvency power, stability, and high quality.  DMI is used in a broad range of areas such as polymers, detergents, electronic materials, dyestuffs and pigments, surface treatment agent, and petroleum products.  It is also useful as a reaction solvent, such as in the synthesis of high-added-value products. 

DMI, in comparison to other polar solvents:

  • Possesses excellent dissolving and reaction-acceleration properties; allowing for a high-purity reaction product within a shorter time and with a higher yield.
  • Has excellent solubility for organic and inorganic compounds, and a higher stability to acids and alkalines even at high temperatures; allowing for increased flexibility as a reaction solvent and a broader application field.
  • Has higher safety in regards to Reproductive Toxicity and Specific Target Organ Toxicity.

Please contact Austin Chemical for samples or detailed technical information for this material. 





Domino Specialty Ingredients

We offer a wide variety of quality sugars meeting the requirements of the National Formulary as well as Certified European Pharmacopia standards. All sugars are tested for compliance with National Formulary Monographs and a Certificate of Analysis is provided for each order. These sugars may be used with confidence in numerous pharmaceutical applications, including tablet coatings, syrups, nutritional formulas, antibiotics and tablet excipients.

From Di-Pac® compressible sugar, specially manufactured for tableting and mixes, to NF approved sugar for syrups or your specialty application. Below is a listing of their products available through Austin.

Pharmaceutical Grade Sugars

  • Di-Pac® Direct Compacting & Tableting Sugar: An excipient used by the pharmaceutical industry. Its useful properties include high flowability, low hygroscopicity, sweetness and non-reactivity with other tablet components.
  • NF® Granulated Sugars: Available in a wide variety of granulations and “Confectioners” grades

New Products Offerings

  • Agave Nectar – Light, Organic
  • Agave Nectar – Dark, Organic
  • Stevia Extract – 98%/95%/80%/60%

Other Ingredients Products

  • Flavor and Texture Modifiers
  • Invert Sugars
  • Evaporated Cane Juice: Organic and Natural, Golden Granulated, Organic Powdered
  • Honey: Dry, Liquid, and Powdered
  • Brown Rice Syrup: Organic and Natural
  • Malt Dry and Malt Liquid (Malted Barley): Organic and Natural
  • Molasses Dry and Liquid: Organic and Natural
  • Specialty Sugars: Brownulated® Brown Sugar, Liquicane® Sugars, Demerara Washed Raw Cane Sugar, Orgnic Light, Medium and Dark Brown Sugar
  • Bakery and Condy Fondants, Icing Sugars, and Colored Confectioners Sugars

zuChem’s zuCarb™ High Purity Rare Sugar Reagents

zuChem and Austin Chemical are proud to announce the availability of the zuCarbTM line of rare sugar reagents.

  • L-Ribose (powder)
  • L-Ribulose (syrup)
  • D-Xylulose (syrup)
  • L-Xylulose (syrup)

Bioiberica’s Heparin Sodium

Bioiberica, S.A. has more than 30 years experience in the GMP manufacturing of Heparins and derivatives. Their Heparin line of products stands out for its high level of safety and guaranteed traceability, critical factors that provide high added value to their customers. Bioiberica has built a solid, consistent methodology for this product, from the raw material to production of the final product, including sophisticated purchasing systems and new analytical tools covering the specific needs of these products.

Ronin Group Enterprises’ 4-Dimethylaminopyridine (DMAP)

A well known and widely used hypernucleophilic acylation catalyst, finding use in pharmaceutical, agricultural, polymer and chemical process industries. Its effectiveness in even the most difficult transformations is well noted. We invite you to contact Austin for a quote on developmental and/or commercial volumes along with product and package specifications.