Di-Pac®  Direct Compacting & Tableting Sugar
Di-Pac® Direct Compacting & Tableting Sugar is a unique dry fondant sugar manufactured by a patented technique solely for use in the pharmaceutical industry as an excipient.  Its useful properties include high flowability, low hygroscopicity, sweetness and nonreactivity with other tablet components.  Di-Pac® meets the requirement of the National Formulary for compressible sugars for use in coatings syrups.  Other applications include a wide range of tablets, chewables, and gums.   

NF Sugars
NF® Granulated Sugars are unique dry sugars manufactured to the highest quality standards.  Their useful properties and variation of granulation sizes (extra fine to large) aid technologies to impart sweetness as well as fortify and enhance the final application.  NF® Sugars meet the requirement of the National Formulary.  All sugars are tested for compliance with the USP NF Monographs and a Certificate of Analysis is provided for each order.  EP Certification is available upon request. 

Available sugars include:

Pharmaceutical Grade:  NF Sanding, NF Medium Granulated, NF Standard Granulated, NF LCMT Granulated Sugars, NF Extra Fine, NF Fruit Granulated, NF Special Granulated.  NF Canners and NF Bottlers are also available.

Pharmaceutical “Confectioners” Grade:  NF 6X, NF 10X, NF 12X Sugar

Applications:   NF Sugars can be used for tablet coatings, syrups, nutritional formulas, antibiotics, tablet excipients, dry pharmaceutical blends, nutraceutical mixes and beverages, and other applications.   

Ingredients Products
Agave Nectar – Light, Organic

Agave Nectar – Dark, Organic

Stevia Extract – 98%/95%/80%/60%

Flavor and Texture Modifiers

Invert Sugars

Evaporated Cane Juice – Organic & Natural, Golden Granulated, Organic Powdered

Honey – Dry, Liquid, and Powdered

Brown Rice Syrup – Organic & Natural

Malt Dry and Liquid – Organic & Natural

Specialty Sugars – Organic & Natural:  Brownulated® Brown Sugar, Liquicane® Sugars, Demerara Washed Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Light, Medium, and Dark Brown Sugar

Bakery and Candy Fondants, Icing Sugars, and Colored Confectioners Sugars

Please contact Austin Chemical for current pricing and availability information for any of the above-mentioned products.