Precious Metal Catalyst Offerings

Austin Chemical is happy to promote our precious metal catalyst offerings. We have access to longstanding competency which enables closure of the production loop and optimizes value as it relates to metal products. Catalyst recycling promotes sustainability through economical, high yield recycling. Contact us to discuss the value chain, recovery stream, and other service specifics. #sustainability #recycling #chemical #catalysts

Austin authorized distributor of Redox Scientific

Austin Chemical is now an authorized distributor of Redox Scientific. Redox Scientific is a CDMO with manufacturing and R&D assets in Gujarat, India. Their ISO-9001 certified manufacturing site helps deliver quality products (catalysts, heterocylic compounds, inorganics) and services (discovery, process development, formulation development). For more information, please contact Austin Chemical.

Hydroxy Amino Acid Kit

Austin Chemical is a representative of API Corporation, a company in the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings group, who has access to Mitsuibishi Chemical’s microorganism collection of more than 20,000 enzymes. They have created a hydroxy amino acid kit which is now available. Please see the information below regarding their capabilities and contact Austin Chemical for pricing…